New Driving Test

The new driving test 2017

In 2015 the DVSA started trials on a new driving test for the UK, the changes are designed to make the roads safer and to improve the skills of new drivers.

Instructors in test centres all around the country, are asking why we are dropping the turn in the road, and reverse around the corner manoeuvres out of the test. The simple answer is, these are the manoeuvres that the DVSA “or their advisors” think are the least likely to be used post test.

The answer I hear from instructors is “but the parallel park and reverse into a bay are the two manoeuvres most modern cars will do for you. I suppose in a few years time auto park will become main stream just as ABS and powered steering has in the cars we use today.

Use of a satnav and independent driving is an improtant aspect of motoring, lets face it, how many of us have been caught out by a late instruction from a satnav or missed a turn and it starts screaming at you to do a U turn, that can be quite daunting for a new driver using a satnav for the first time.

Parking and reversing on the right hand side of the road has got to be a good idea, as all experienced drives have to do this at times, just as they drive nose first into a bay and reverse out when visiting public car parks.

All in all I think the proposals are a good idea, my only reservation is with turning the vehicle around I think its important that we continue to teach our pupils to keep themselves and other road users safe by showing them how to turn their vehicles around to face the opposite direction in a safe and competent manor.

The changes taking place to the current driving test in the UK are listed below.

  • ‘Tell me’ question at the beginning of the test and a ‘show me’ question on the move

  • 20 minutes independent driving using a satnav or traffic signs

  • One of the following manoeuvres – drive in to and reverse out of a parking bay, pull up on the right, reverse, and rejoin the traffic or reverse parking (either into a parking bay, or parallel parking at the side of the road)

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