Turn in the Road

This manoeuvre was once more commonly known as the “3 point turn”. This isn’t really a good description, as you can perform the manoeuvre in as few or many points as you need! On many roads when practicing for your driving test you will more likely complete the manoeuvre in 3 points (or Steps) as the illustration shows below, but on narrower roads you would require 5, 7 or even more points to complete a turn. So in the UK, to save confusion, the correct term is “Turn in the Road”.

The Turn in the Road manoeuvre requires these few skills:

  • Good clutch control
  • Steering skills
  • Good observational skills
  • Confidence, you must be able to deal with oncoming traffic without panicking!

Once you are comfortable with these skills, you’ll be ready to attempt a Turn in the Road. As with all manoeuvres, you need to apply good observational skills throughout before and during each step:

1. Have a good look around to make sure it is safe to do the manoeuvre.

2. Steer full lock to the right, keeping the car slow by using tight clutch control. Looking up and down the road on the way across. When you reach the far side of the road, steer away from the kerb.

Turn in the road, Step 1

3. Select reverse gear. have another look around. If it is safe, reverse back across the road using full lock to the left. Looking up and down the road again on the way across. As you get close to the kerb steer right again.

Turn in the road, Step 2

4. Your car may now be positioned nicely for driving away. If the road is quite narrow you may have to repeat steps 2 and 3. When you are satisfied have a good look around then if it is safe you can drive away.

Turn in the road, Step 3

Always make eye contact with the drivers of approaching vehicles to make sure you know what they are about to do next. If you are unsure of their intentions then wait patiently until you are sure it is safe to continue.

Also, be aware of pedestrians on the pavement. Stop and let them pass, don’t continue until the area in which you are doing the manoeuvre is clear

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