Vehicle Safety – Under Bonnet Checks

To ensure your vehicles stays in a safe, roadworthy condition, you must check at regular intervals. Check that the lighting is working correctly, that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and that they are in good condition. You must also be familiar with the controls of your vehicle such as the window washers and demisters.

You should also be familiar with under the bonnet of your vehicle:


The example above is for a Peugeot 207. The layout and position of the engine and fluid reservoirs can vary greatly between different Car makes and models.

Washer Bottle

The Washer bottle should be checked regularly and kept topped up at all times.


You should always make sure that the coolant is topped up to between the minimum and maximum marks shown on the side of the expansion tank.

Brake Fluid

It is most important that you regularly check the brake fluid level. Again it should be between the minimum and maximum marks. If you discover a loss of brake fluid then you should have the system checked over by a qualified engineer as soon as possible.

Checking the Oil Level

Always check the oil level when the engine is cold and on a flat surface. Remove the dip stick and make sure the oil is between the minimum and maximum mark. If required remove the filler cap and top up accordingly.

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