Reverse Parking

This is a manoeuvre that many find tricky, but in fact reverse parking (often known as “parallel parking”) can be completed in 3 simple steps.

Position 1

Drive your car just ahead of the target car, stop, then select reverse gear. Have a good look around and make sure it is safe to start the manoeuvre. Once you’re happy it’s safe, reverse the car back slowly until the parking brake of your car is level with the parking brake of the target car. Have another good look up and down the road to ensure it is still safe.

Position 2

Turn the steering wheel one full turn to the left and hold it still until your car reaches a 45-degree angle (2 o’clock).

Position 3

Now turn your steering wheel full lock to the right and hold. The car should now swing in behind the target car. Once your car is parallel to the kerb, stop, apply the parking brake and select neutral.

And that’s it, job done. And remember, observations are the most important part of any manoeuvre.

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